its getting harder to stay clean
when im nodding off i cant be mean
but i never had to lie
now i cant look you in the eye
honesty became too hard
and breakdowns become an art
how could i complicate this bed
how much of this is in my head

am i resigned to daytime fantasy
will i leave behind my dreams
im ashamed i concealed parts of me
those are the parts i should set free

i miss the friends that held my hand
and sat and listened to understand
but now theyve all gone away
and i dont know what to say
my mouth is clumsy and unrefined
and i know the blames all mine
im in a current completely stuck
and riding it out looks like giving up

but im not resigned to daytime fantasy
i will live beyond my dreams
and i will reveal those parts of me
and you will know a freer me


from demos april 2017, released April 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Solar Tantrums Richmond, Virginia

We're just a few cool guys with a gal chilling and making some lo-fi surf pop tunes to dance to.

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